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Commercial Air Conditioning specialists: Installation, Maintenance and Repair

Providing Commercial Air Conditioning Services to Auckland since 1999

Airtronix offers HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) installation and maintenance services, tailor made to fit both large and small commercial buildings.

Founded over 17 years ago, our initial business focus was the "commissioning and installation" of new Commercial HVAC  systems. As we became better known and trusted in the marketplace, our approach changed covering more focused services: Commercial office fitouts, Equipment removal / replacement systems and Ventilation .

Our Successes & Focus

The business shift gave us new focus! The last 15-years Airtronix has seen a large growth in our "Service / Maintenance" portfolio across the North Shore Area. This covers numerous individual building owners, as well as Body Corporate Managers, who administer larger portfolios of commercial properties. Through continued plant assessment we are able to keep our clients updated as to foreseeing potential problem areas, where equipment is becoming inefficient through either age or old technology. Our HVAC Industry has progressed through major changes over the last 5-years due to both, climate change expectations and the phasing out of HCFC refrigerants, interim Refrigerants and now offering a range of "better" more efficient "flammable" refrigerants.

 A large portion of our business covers the removal & disposal of HCFC Equipment and refrigerants, equipment upgrades to the more efficient Inverter driven replacements, for either individual or VRV / VRF Commercial systems.   

Our Specialties

We have vast experience in the 'fit-out market' whereby,  existing buildings need to be refurbished to today's standard. We offer a hands on approach to HVAC system installation, taking each client on a case-by-case basis, ensuring each building has exactly the right equipment for their specific requirements.

As an Airtronix customer you will receive:

  • A tailor made service / maintenance proposal, specific to your building size and ventilation requirements.
  • Expert advice on where money can be saved on power and running costs.
  • Prompt, response and action to any urgent issues which may arise.
  • Piece of mind with our reliable maintenance, repair & services.