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Commercial Air Conditioning specialists: Installation, Maintenance and Repair

Commercial Air Conditioning Services

Every building is different, there is no "one-size fits all". Airtronix’s air conditioning repair and maintenance service is tailor-made to your building’s ventilation requirements. 

Working on a case-by-case basis, we put together servicing packages which best suit your specific needs. Trusted by over 100 commercial building owners and developers in the Auckland region, we are known for our prompt response time and reliable service.  

Repair Air Conditioning

Repairs & Maintenance

With an Airtronix HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) maintenance contract, you will receive:

  • A tailor-made servicing plan which best suits your HVAC requirements.
  • 4-6 hour response to any issues, or problems which may arise.
  • Quarterly or bimonthly servicing,  depending on your HVAC equipment needs.

Let’s talk about a maintenance plan for your building.


Air Conditioning Installation

We take on a huge variation of installation projects. Whether large or very modest, our flexible pricing plans allow us to take on almost any contract, for most building sizes.

Upon inspection of your premises, our experienced team will recommend the system which will best suit both your building, and your budget.

Replacing old air conditioning equipment can significantly reduce your energy costs. If your unit is over 20 years old, you will  be spending more money than you should be.

Quality installation is a key factor in the long term operation of the a/c system. This is why we employ our own qualified installation team who strive for complete customer satisfaction and aim to cause minimal disruption to your business.


Ventilation System Planning

In certain situations, the installation of air conditioning units may not be required. However, in industries such as manufacturing it is critical that indoor air remains clean.

In such cases, we work with businesses to design ventilation systems, using  various or suitable filtration measures to ensure that air in the workplace is suitable for their needs.

Get in touch for more information on keeping air clean in your workplace.